Peter Smith

Today’s landscape has become saturated with the signs of our modern society ~ billboards, spreading urbanisation, industrialisation, mining – and I aim to remind us all of the beauty of nature we are often destroying or too busy to enjoy.”

Rediscovering the beautiful landscape of Tasmania has been a revelation and emotional experience. Travelling the state with sketchbook and camera (and sometimes easel and paints), I am enjoying capturing the mood and colour of this truly wonderful place.”

Painting in oils, Peter considers his painting style to be impressionistic, relying on the colours and textures of the paint to convey the feeling of place. Working mainly with a palette knife allows him to create texture for a greater feeling of depth.

My painting inspiration is the sensation of colour so beautifully expressed by the Australian Impressionists and the interplay of light and shade they so wonderfully conveyed.

The French Impressionists have also been an inspiration to Peter and during travels in Europe, he attended workshops in France.


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