Richard Klekociuk

‘The Tasmanian landscape is made up of parts, some very spectacular, others very ordinary. We should recognise and celebrate the value of everything seen and unnoticed.’’


Tasmania’s beaches and waterways are regarded amongst the best in the country and rightly so. Most of us head there at certain times of the year for a variety of reasons. I just like being there. Sometimes I ‘beachcomb’ or walk accompanied with my camera. The salt air along the coast and the clean air inland invigorates and restores me. Natural therapy.


Although I appreciate (and often draw) the spectacular scenes that are to be found, especially our inland waterways, it’s the ‘neglected’ and ‘unnoticed’ that more often than not take my eye, such as a  small group of stones, pieces of driftwood, water tumbling over  rocks, a forest floor, light flickering on a stream, weathered shells and the impact of light and shadow on objects.


All aspects of our wonderful landscapes need to be valued.


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