Robbie Burrows

Each year we arrived at the Tasmanian coastal town of Bicheno for what felt like endless summer days. Brimming with my childhood imagination and exploration of the ‘ Ocean’s magical garden’, I quickly became encapsulated by the sea’s nurturing folds. It felt as though I had a secret place amongst the ocean’s heart ~ I would swim and snorkel and feel our two worlds blend.
 My perception of this aquatic richness deepened over many years and influenced me in the creative process of building intuitively, three dimensional multi media art.
With pigment powders, ink, acrylic paint, natural materials and delicate brush work, the ‘visceral other worldliness’ ~ pulsating life beneath our oceans ~ takes form on canvas.
My childhood days became a part of something so precious to me ~ a process through many years of creativity that led me to express my feelings and strong desires to strive for an ocean rich in life, health and vibrancy.
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