Scott Wilmot Bennett

Light is the central theme in much of my work. The light that illuminates an object or a scene is also akin to that light that resides in the mind’s eye. Light is also a universal metaphor for the eternal – the ineffable or transcendent – that which is beyond words, sounds or even images.


Having studied fine art at university, I have a deep interest in the history of painting and the landscape tradition, particularly in the Australian context. I prefer the sublime or picturesque to the pastoral and enjoy drawing the landscape in these modes using mixed media; watercolour or acrylic underpainting combined with pencil, chalk, charcoal and pastel.


In my high school years I became obsessed with photorealistic representations of the sea. It was during that period that I gained my technical facility with acrylics. Though my very earliest paintings were in oil, I tend to work with both now, using acrylic as an under-layer and oil as either a glaze or as an opaque final layer.


I’m fond of many artists, as a child it was my parents prints of Vermeer and Constable that first moved me. Later it was Albert Namatjira, Hans Heysen and Elioth Gruner. Probably the two international artists still closest to my heart today are Claude Monet, for his great eye and Dan Flavin for his lights – his “image -objects”, “situations” or “proposals” as he called them.


There is a joy in seeing things and there is rapture in creating images of these sights. I hope to convey that wonder and the profound experience of the visible world felt when painting it.


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