Meet our curator

As the Curator of Huon Art I am not only responsible for selecting a collection of the best works from our artists, I am also responsible for how the art is presented on the Gallery walls.


When choosing the art to be displayed I handpick each painting with several questions in mind.


Will this painting bring joy to the buyer? Will they feel uplifted every time they walk past the painting in their home? Will they love it for decades to come? Will it enhance their room so much so, that when friends or family visit they will say, ‘Wow, where did you get that?’


In our modern world of visuals and computer graphics, where home decor advice is available at the touch of a button and where mass produced art is cheaply available, buying an original painting becomes something wonderful and unique.


It is important that I make sure the artwork being chosen is a reflection of our client’s individuality and personal taste so when you visit the gallery I am here to serve you on behalf of my artists.


Carlene de Très MA


Please contact Carlene de Très with any enquiries.

Phone: 0427 872 362