Nicole Hutchins

Artist, Graphic Designer, and Maker.

Nicole’s fascination lies in colour theory, tone and negative space.

Be it human or animal likenesses, inanimate objects that provide personal insights or elements suggesting an experience such as place; in essence, Nicole’s work is grounded in portraiture, just not always in a traditional sense.


Currently intrigued by wildflowers, in portraying a likeness, Nicole elevates their beauty, and gilds their uniqueness. By isolating them on dark backgrounds, enhancing their charm and intensifying their colours, the attention is brought to the delicate shapes and subtle hues that make them so exquisite.


“For me, wildflowers exist due to Mother Nature’s nurturing alone, to bloom unexpectedly and happen upon by chance.

Be they natives, weeds, or invasive species, they are a wonderful moment of unforeseen beauty.”



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