Suellen Saidee Cook

The appeal of Suellen’s work lies in the realisation that life, more often than not, happens within the rather uneventful ordinariness of daily routines, interactions with those around us and life in general.


This daily life is unnoticeably satisfying, it feeds our need for security, consistency, comfort and belonging. Your first glance at Suellen’s artworks definitely delivers that sense of the everyday, the comfortableness and familiarity we love.  However, look closer into the detail and you’ll feel a certain tension, mysteriousness, almost uneasiness, that question this perceived comfortable existence.


Step inside a Suellen Saidee Cook artwork, and all at once see beauty and whimsy, sense the familiar and then out of the corner of your eye become intensely aware of the unfamiliar, the puzzle of almost impossible situations that are strangely believable.


Step through the glass and be surrounded by a reality re-invented that ignites your imagination. Can you step out again, back to your previous life and not be drawn back in or changed even just a little?


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